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Jintong Yang is a multidisciplinary artist based in NYC, specializing in motion and experience design. Her work blends art and technology, encompassing 2D/3D motion graphics & animation, immersive experience, and new media art.​

She has been freelancing for two years and recently completed her MFA study in the Computer Arts program at School of Visual Arts. Her works have been selected for several exhibitions, such as the 2022 Miami Art Week. Through actively experimenting with various techniques and materials, she seeks to contribute her skills while presenting her unique artistic form that delves into self-exploration and spirituality.


Technical Skills:

2D/3D Motion Graphics       Animation       Storyboarding       Experiential Design       UX/UI Design

3D Design & Fabrication       Projection Mapping       VJing       Virtual Reality       Interactive Art       Sound Design

Software Skills:

Adobe Suites (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, XD, Audition)

Cinema 4D       TouchDesigner       Pro Tools       Unreal Engine       Arduino       Javascript

Max/MSP/Jitter       p5.js        Processing

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