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Trinity of Perception

An Interactive Sculpture

Tools: Fibrics, Pepakura, Adobe Suite, TouchDesigner, Cinema 4D, Leap Motion controller

I created 'Trinity of Perception' as a reflection on the intricate tapestry of emotions that defined my summertime. This interactive installation has two components: the digital and the physical.

I made the soft sculptures by unfolding a 3D head model in Pepakura and cutting and gluing the fabric parts according to the paper template.

Then in the digital part, I programmed in TouchDesigner, creating a visual trick where the three sides of a cube reveal different visions. By connecting a Leap Motion controller, I am able to navigate the perspective with hand movements. Each image encapsulated within the three boxes resonates with the physical sculpture.

Concept Sketch

Soft Sculpture

Digital Content - Interaction with the hand

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