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Imaginary Worlds

A Real-Time Interactive Project - Digital Portrait

Tools: TouchDesigner, Cinema 4D, Pro Tools, Adobe Suite

I enjoy building digital worlds as my spiritual refuge to find inner peace. After thinking of building solid connections with these worlds, I started this project as a self-portrait.


I recorded myself in real-time by TouchDesigner, using a Leap Motion controller to capture the motion of my hands, allowing me to control the magic balls’ movements and colors. The spectrum of the sound can create effects on my image, too.

I.  Blood Moon Magic

The first version is a ghost playing with magic under the blood moon:

II.   Imaginary World No.4

The second version is me as an energy body playing with magic in the 4th world I have conceived. I used the video footage from one of my hiking experiences as the materials for the 3D scene and made the sound by myself.

The second version Imaginary World No.4 was selected as an NFT work to be displayed in the "Lonely ROCKS" exhibition during the 2022 Miami Art Basel.

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