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Silvie's Attic

A Motion Graphics Project

Tools: Adobe Suite, Toon Boom Harmony, Pro Tools, Garage Band

My Emotional "Attic"

Living in a big city causes mental issues. I started the project to show different types of my anxiety - distraction, repression, and fear, in cell, collage, and 3D animation. I also created the background music by myself.


I take an attic as a personal space where I can keep my secrets. Therefore, I made an intro video for this emotional series. And I will keep adding more relevant works in the future.

I. Distraction - Anxiety of Being in the Crowd

It is difficult to avoid being influenced by other people living in today's society. Much of the time you have to merge yourself into groups and pay too much attention to other people's feedback, which can be disturbing and exhausting.

I made this film by hand-drawing to present how a person is distracted by all of the voices and sounds around him, how he/she struggles and eventually loses his/she independent consciousness.

Character 1.jpg
Moodboard 1 refine.jpg
Thumbnails 1.jpg
Storyboard 1.jpg

II. Repression - Anxiety of Bottling up Emotions

We have all kinds of emotions every day, and most of the time they will immediately surge to us like tidal wave. A saying goes “The best way to manage your emotions is to leave it and let it flow”, but as an adult, we tend to bottle them up, especially when dealing with negative emotions. However, the more you repress them the more devastating they might be when they explode.


I made this film in a photographic-collage style to vividly show how emotions are being borne and become like a pool of stagnant water, and eventually destroy the owner.

Moodboard 2.jpg
Thumbnails 2.jpg
Storyboard 2.jpg

III. Repression - Anxiety of Being Monitored

Feeling being monitored can cause big anxiety, powerlessness and urge to escape. Using electronics or registering personal information online in our daily life might bring us such fears, making us worried that “Big Brother” is literally watching us (reference from the book 1984). 
Therefore, I made this 3D sci-fi nightmare: a giant floating eyeball “catches” a tiny lightball.

Moodboard 3.jpg
Thumbnails 3.jpg
Storyboard 3.jpg
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